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Pierre Dac

Pierre Dac is a French comedian and humorist. He has also been during the 2nd WW  a resistance figure against the French occupacy by the germans thanks to his intervention on Radio London.


He tells you his story…


Portrait de Pierre Dac, humoriste“Hello,

My name is Pierre Dac. I was born on August 15 1893 in Châlons-sur-Marne, my real name is André Isaac, my father was a butcher and my mother was a stay at home mom . I am a good student and I like to trick people and I’m good at it.

Unfortunatly, in 1914, reality comes back and at aged 21 I am called to serve. 4 years later, I came back, injured twice, a shrapnel that reduces my arm and another one on my thigh. I then live out of small jobs and I become « chansonnier » in cabaret in Paris, where I mock everyday life situation.


Pierre Dac L'Os à Moelle

On may 13th 1938, I create the satirical journal  «  L’os à moelle » presented as « the offical organ of the wackies ». Until may 31st 1940, the entry of the germans in Paris, I will realise 4 big pages out, every Friday, at 400 000 copies, an absolut record in the history of the « pre war » press.

I become also a regular on air, my sketchs are broadcasted on « Radio cité » and « Le Poste Parisien ». I then join without any trouble, De Gaulle and the BBC in 1943. I am one of the « French that speaks to the French ». The goofy humour of my controversy is aim to fight the Vichy government, the collaborationism and the Nazi regime. Every night, during 9 months my editorials and my songs ring.


Pierre Dac Francis Blanche Furax

After the Liberation, I come back to Paris and go back to work at the cabaret and in the theaters. In 1949, meeting with Francis Blanche gives me a second youth. Together, we create « Furax », a funny radio show, we tape over a 1000 episodes between 1956 and 1960. We also perform many other radio shows, more than 1200 aired on Paris Inter and Europe 1* (* radio names) will passionate and entertain French poeple for 5 years.

Despite the fame, I attempt suicide 4 times between 1958 and 1960. By miracle, I escaped death. I remain a modest man, and 15 years later, a lung cancer takes me in a total discretion.”


Where to find him today :

  • Birth Home, 70 rue de Marne.

Maison Natale

70 rue de la Marne
51000 Châlons-en-Champagne

48.955979 4.358533

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