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Léon Bourgeois

Léon Bourgeois  (1851- 1925) a french politician. He is known as solidarism theorist. He was the 1st president of the Nation Society and award winner of the Nobel prize of Peace in 1920.


He tells you his story…



My name is Léon Bourgeois, I was born in Paris on May, 21st  1851. I study law until I join the prefectoral admnistration where I am concecutively a lawyer, General secretary, prefect, deputy and Marne Senator.

Coming from the drastic motion, I distinguish myself by a social audacity. That was unusual in the early time of the 3rd Republic.

Since 1890, I become interior Minister, then justice Minister until 1893 and also from 1890 to 1898 I become Minister of the public education.


Concil President  (chief of the Government) from November 1895 to April 1896. I prescribe  unsuccessfully the separation between the churches and the state, income taxes and the right for all workers to have a retirement pension.

Without letting myself down, I become the theoritician of radicalism and I invent the « solidarism » with some « avant-garde » propositons : gradual income taxes, free education, social coverage … At the peace conference of La Haye (1899 – 1901) I suggest an arbitration procedure in order to solve all kind of conflicts.


At the work ministry in 1910, I set up retirement  for workers and peasants. The following year, another radical progressist named Joseph Caillaux, set up progressive income taxes.

In 1919, 20 years after my La Haye proposition, I set up the Nation Society. Due to my engagement to regulate the relashionship between the States, I obtain, the following year the Nobel prize od peace.

Elected Senat President, is my last important political mission that I have until 1923, 2 years before I passe away in 1925, at the age of  74.”


Where to find him today :

  • Bust in front of the departmental archives, 23 rue Carnot
  • Ashes spread at the west cemetery (grave family Sellier)


23 rue Carnot
51000 Châlons-en-Champagne


Cimetière de l'Ouest
1 Boulevard Léon Blum
51000 Châlons-en-Champagne

48.953547 4.366654 48.959628 4.358626

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