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Jean Talon

Jean Talon (1625-1694) is a brave military officer. Prime minister of the « New France » from 1665 to 1671. He is considered one of the «  Founding Fathers » of Quebec.


He tells you his story…


Portrait de Jean Talon“Hello,

Hello, my name is Jean Talon, I was born in Châlons, on January 8th 1626, in the Carpenter’s street, called today « rue du lycée » (Highscool street) number  17. I am lucky  to study at the Jesuites’s school of Clermont in Paris that welcome children of the Court. I graduate in 1653 and I quickly find a job at the military administration thanks to my big brother Philippe.


On March 23rd 1665, the Kingnames me 1st Intendant of the colony jean-talon-planof Nouvelle-France. I leave for Quebec, until November  10th 1668, then from 1670 to 1672. Full of ambitions, I want to make Nouvelle France a prosperous land. The two firsts steps  are to pacify the territory and to repopulate the colony. My most famous action was without a doubt when « Les filles du Roy » arrived to create a demographic balance and to promote unions (weddings) into the colony.

Agriculture & industry developped themselves too due to the self-sufficency of the colony. With this economic rise, I set up a « triangular trade » between France, Canada and West French Indies.

We are now in 1671, I’ve reach my goals, I want to go back home. The King oblige, and promise me his gratitude. I become «  The King’s 1st valet ». I am annobled and my nobility remains hereditary. I share my life between, my loyalty to the Court and my home in Paris.

I die on November 23rd 1694, my desire is to rest in Châlons-en-Champagne. I am burried in the Church ND en vaux whereas my heart rests at All Saints Abbey.

Where to find him todayjean-talon-statue

  • Birth Home, 17 rue du Lycée.
  • Jean Talon Statue  near Notre-Dame-en-Vaux church.
  • Gravestone inside Notre-Dame-en-Vaux church.

Association des amis de Jean Talon

19 avenue du Général Sarrail
51000 Châlons-en-Champagne

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Horaire d'ouverture

Maison Natale

17 rue du Lycée
51000 Châlons-en-Champagne

Statue Jean Talon

Pierre Tombale - Collégiale Notre-Dame-en-Vaux

2 rue de Vaux
51000 Châlons-en-Champagne

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