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Adolphe Jacquesson

Adolphe Jacquesson (1800- 1876) invented the metalic cap and the wire muzzle in order to seal the bottle of champagne.


He tells you his story…


Portrait d'Adolphe Jacquesson“Hello,

My name is Adolphe Jacquesson. I was born in Châlons-sur-Marne in 1800. I dedicated my life to Champagne but I am an inventor at first. In 1837, I am in charge of the family business created in 1798 by my parents Claude & Memmie Jacquesson.


This house becomes my lab, an ideal field to express my creativity. I am about to realise many inventions in order to improve the champagne process techniques.


My inventions are, for example, the lighting in the cellars, a machine that washes and seals the bottles (very simple but revolutionnary for that time) and wooden shelf to store the bottle (during the ageing process)

My most important invention, was in 1844. I invent the wire muzzle and a stopping plug called by the cellar masters  « bidules ». I am officially owner of my invention on feb 6th 1845. A 150 years later, my invention is still used to seal the bottles during the ageing process.

In 1867, the sells of the my Family house reach  1 million bottles a year, it will dye away after my death in 1876.”


Adolphe Jacquesson Invenion Muselet