Châlons Bowling

A complete and unique complex that offers 24 bowling lanes (with optional childrens gates), a bar, a megazone laser game equipped with 24 vests, arcade games (boxer, shuffleboard, table football tables, basketball game, pinball machine), 4 English pool, a candy corner with more than 200 references and a seminar room of 121m2.

Dégustation “Les Sens en Effervescence”

Have you heard of sophrology? We offer you to (re)discover it by associating it with a champagne tasting.

Accompanied by Anthony, oenologist and Nicole, sophrologist, enjoy a tasting full of pleasure and wonder!

But what is sophrology ?
Sophrology is a psychologic body practice accessible to all, which allows you to bring you into a deep relaxation.
Interest? In this level of relaxation, the senses are awake and sensations are increased tenfold!

You rediscover the song of the bubbles, the flavors, the perfumes, the aromas … in full consciousness, you savor the champagne as if it was the first time. A unique sensory experience!

Booking is mandatory in advance. 15 people maximum.

Dégustation dans les Caves Médiévales

The Tourist Office organizes especially for you a tasting led by an oenologist, in a unique place, the medieval cellars.

The medieval cellars, 200 square meters large, date back to the 13th and 15th centuries. Located in the heart of the city, they testify of the wealthness of Châlons-en-Champagne at the medieval times.

In this magical place, we invite you to a comparative tasting of 3 champagnes, animated by an oenologist who will explain all the secrets of their elaboration and the Champagne terroir.
Possibility to provide catering on request.

Event limited to 18 people. Booking is mandatory.
It is also possible to organize a comparative tasting of wine, rum, whiskey… Different themes are possible on request.

Champagne Chaumont

Family production nestled in the heart of the Côte des Blancs, we welcome you to offer our champagne Chaumont D and son. Committed to a “VDC” certification (Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne), we are changing our production practices in order to be more respectacle with our environment.

In addition to a tasting in our cellar, several visits are possible:
– Our vineyard
– The Vertus cooperative (press, winery …)
– The Avize Champagne Union (winery, cellars, draw chains, disgorging line …)

In order not to suffer the hazards of the profession of winegrower, it is better to fix an appointment before coming to visit us,

Distillerie Guillon

Guided tour and explanation of the development of the original and unique malted spirit in the region. Tasting and shop.

The visit of the distillery located in Louvois is available all year, Saturday and Sunday included. Booking is strongly advised.

Aéro Club Farman Clément

The Farman-Clément Flying Club is located closeby to Châlons-en-Champagne, in the village of Ecury-sur-Coole.

The flying club offers introduction flights lasting 20 to 30 minutes for 1 or 2 people, introductory flights to start learning how to fly in 3 lessons and tours of the area. Discover Châlons and its surroundings (villages, castles and vineyards).

The flying club is also a flight school that offers preparation to the BIA, basic patent, LAPL and private pilot course.

The club also organizes many events throughout the year.

Le Domaine de Coolus

Discovery of the natural heritage, games, sports challenge or a family walk: the Coolus nature reserve opens its doors all year long.

The Coolus nature reserve covers nearly 38 hectares. Made up of woods, meadows and wetlands (la Coole, a river and ponds), it is a paradise for those who take the time to observe.

To take full advantage of this reserve, hiking trails and permanent orientation courses have been set up. It is convenient to walk alone or to organize races.

The educational space was created to awaken children to discover the richness of their environment. The pond, the educational garden, the dry stone walls, the preservation orchard and hives serve as a support for environmental education projects.

This nature reserve is home to a fauna and flora of high value with a hundred species of birds that are discovered throughout the ornithological journey. The senses are awakened to recognize robins, blue tit, finches, chardonnets or great spotted woodpeckers.
Twelve listening points were set up near the nesting boxes. A pair of binoculars is strongly recommended during this immersion that can be done with the League of Birds Protection. Regularly, the association organizes nocturnal outings, in the footsteps of quilts and bats.

If you wish to go to the Coolus nature reserve by bike or on foot from Châlons, you can download the brochure of the path of the domain of Coolus (13km A/R).

Dégustation de Champagne dans une Loge de Vignes

Eric, ambassador of this gourmet tasting accompanies you to the heart of the vineyard for a unique tasting in a traditional place of the Champagne landscape: a “loge de vignes”.

Eric explains this magical place and tells us about the history of the village and of the winemakers of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century.

Indeed, the “loges de vignes”, now used mostly for tourism, were at the time essential to the work of the winemakers. They served as a place of rest, storage or a meeting point.

In this authentic place, what a pleasure to discover the flavors of Champagne from the grapes of the vineyards that surround you! From the grape to the bottle in the same place: it’s a unique experience!

You will continue this tasting by discovering the excellent products of the Champagne culinary heritage.
2 hours of pure feast in a bubble… champenoise!

Tasting possible in different “loges de vignes” located in Tours sur Marne, Cumières, Champillon.
You will need your own vehicle or possibility of a transport service at additional cost.

Champagne J.L. Secondé-Simon

Our family farm is located in Ambonnay, Grand Cru village of the Montagne de Reims. Passionate about our profession, we will have great pleasure to welcome you to the estate, to make you discover through a visit of our presses, our stainless steel vats and our cellar, all stages of the development of our Champagnes.

We will end the visit with a commented tasting.

Duration of the tour : 2hrs to 2.30hrs

It is also possible to provide entertainment such as “dégorgement à la volée” (traditional disgorging by hand) or a tasting of clear wines with initiation to blending. In these cases, allow 3 hours of visit.

Balade gourmande à Cumières

From the village of Cumières, near Epernay, Eric will guide you on a 3-kilometer walk in the heart of the vineyards punctuated with gourmet and fun breaks.

You will enjoy 3 champagnes associated with local products and you will discover UNESCO-listed landscapes and vineyards.

Early booking only. Duration : 2h30

Possibility of buying gourmet boxes composed of genuine Champagne products.