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Dégustation de Champagne dans une Loge de Vignes

CHALONS-EN-CHAMPAGNE - 23 km from the tourist office


  • Winetasting cellar

Eric, ambassador of this gourmet tasting accompanies you to the heart of the vineyard for a unique tasting in a traditional place of the Champagne landscape: a "loge de vignes".

Eric explains this magical place and tells us about the history of the village and of the winemakers of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century.

Indeed, the "loges de vignes", now used mostly for tourism, were at the time essential to the work of the winemakers. They served as a place of rest, storage or a meeting point.

In this authentic place, what a pleasure to discover the flavors of Champagne from the grapes of the vineyards that surround you! From the grape to the bottle in the same place: it's a unique experience!

You will continue this tasting by discovering the excellent products of the Champagne culinary heritage.
2 hours of pure feast in a bubble... champenoise!

Tasting possible in different "loges de vignes" located in Tours sur Marne, Cumières, Champillon.
You will need your own vehicle or possibility of a transport service at additional cost.


GPS coordinates : 48.9564880, 4.36001260 Calculate my route


  • Average visit duration : 120 minutes

Accepted animals : Not specified



Dégustation de Champagne dans une Loge de Vignes

  • 3 quai des Arts