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Adapt to the Scholars

A good visit is a visit whose organizer and guide adapt to their audience.

To introduce Châlons-en-Champagne to the youngest, we have designed tours that will capture the attention and arouse the curiosity of the youngest :

  • Boat tour Eau’dyssée
  • Touristic train
  • Rallye des jards et du patrimoine (only in French)
  • And many other things to introduce kids to the pleasure of discovery.

Privileged rates

And on the price side, there too, they have been specially defined to suit the budgets of schools, holiday centers for school children, twinning receptions, etc … with an average 40% discount compared to basic rates.

To contact us :

aurelie-lesueur-office-tourisme-chalons-receptifAurélie LESUEUR

Responsible for Groups 

  • Design and marketing of groups and individual packages
  • Organization of guided tours

celine-guyot-office-tourisme-chalons-barques-trainCéline GUYOT
  • Boat pilot
  • Organization of boat tours and touristic train


Discover all our school offers in the product catalog below. See you soon in Châlons-en-Champagne!