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Joseph Perrier Champagne House

Champagne - Tasting



Live a magical moment in this “stone cathedral” and discover the secrets of the methods of the making of champagne.


Joseph Perrier champagne cellars are historical. They are located in chalk quarries from Gallo-Roman times. Their particularity is that they are under the hill and are at street level.


The cellars are made of three kilometers of galleries with arches from 5 to 10 meters high. The cellars are interspersed with skylights (illuminated by the daylight). The walls testify of the work of thousands of men who either signed them or left a trace of their passing. A million bottles are resting on lattes in this labyrinth where the coolness is constant and the hygrometry is naturally dosed, thanks to the presence of tall trees on the hill.


Did you know?

The history of champagne, “le roi des vins et le vin des rois” (king of wines and wine of kings) is tightly linked to Châlons-en-Champagne. Jean-Baptiste François, pharmacist, and Adolphe Jacquesson, inventor of the metal cap and the muselet (champagne wire) were both from Châlons. In the 19th century, they contributed to the improvement of the methods of vinification. At the time, there were hectares of vineyard and a dozen champagne houses in Châlons.

Rates :

Indicative price for a visit + 1 tasting of the Cuvée Royale Brut.

  • 12€ for 15 persons or more.
  • 15€ from 1 to 14 persons.
  • 7€ for children. Free for children under 7 years old.

Surchage for week-end and night-time visits.
Optional: Possibility to organize comparative tastings of vintage Champagne, Blanc de blancs, Josephine vintages as well as wine and food pairings...

Complementary information

25 persons maximum per guide. If there are more 25 persons, you will need 2 guides.


12 €

Duration : 1h15

From Monday to Saturday

The "tops"

  • See and understand all the steps of the making of champagne

  • Historical chalk quarries, accessible at street-level

  • Only Champagne House in Châlons-en-Champagne