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Notre-Dame-en-Vaux Cloister Museum

Museum - Religious



This medieval monument was discovered in 1963. Important excavations made it possible to bring to light the three fourths of the elements of the cloister. The cloister was built in the 1170s-1180s and was destroyed in the 18th century.


The old edifice was of an exceptional iconographical wealth and of a great decorative sumptuousness. It made it a major monument in the history of sculpture at a time of transition from the Romanesque to the Gothic style.


Since it was impossible to rebuild the museum at its original location, a museum was created nearby in 1976 after the campaigns of archaeological excavations which started in 1963 with Léon Pressouyre. The Cloister Museum presents a remarkable collection of 55 statues-columns, decorative and historiated capitals, cornices and pillars which adorned this unique collection.


Make a detour by the beautiful garden which separates the cloister museum from Notre-Dame-en-Vaux Church.

Rates :

Monday to Saturday: 115€

Sunday and public holidays: 145€

Complementary information

30 persons maximum per guide. If there are more 30 persons, you will need 2 guides.


115 €

Duration : 2h

All year long

The "tops"

  • Notre-Dame-en-Vaux Cloister: a major monument in the history of sculpture

  • 55 statues-columns with sculpture of exceptional quality

  • Ideal complement to the visit of Notre-Dame-en-Vaux Collegial Church