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In a sculptor’s shoes !

In this new edition of “Live an unforgettable experience”, we meet Juan Carlos Carrillo, a sculptor of international renown, who welcomes us to his workshop in Chalons-en-Champagne for an introduction to sculpture.



Juan Carlos Carrillo is an internationally renowned sculptor, who was formed at the School of Fine Arts in Huaraz, Peru, and then at the Pro Vénètia School in Venice, Italy. He has received numerous awards for excellence in international sculpture competitions. His workshop is now based in Châlons-en-Champagne. This is where he is going to introduce us to the sculpture art.


IMG_20180424_174740Before putting our hands in clay, Juan Carlos Carrillo makes us discover his workshop and some of the hundreds of sculptures he made in clay, bronze, marble, stone, wood, steel, resin, etc … and for which he has received many awards.

He explains that whatever the statue and the material that will be used to make it, a clay modeling is always the first step of manufacture. So that’s what we’re going to learn to do today.



Each of us installed at our desks, we take a piece of clay. In the middle of us, our teacher of the day shows us how easily he handles clay. In a few minutes, he sculpts a perfect horse bust ! Looking at him, it seems to be very easy…

IMG_20180424_180742It’s now our turn to work ! For starters, he asks us to make a rectangle about 8 cm wide, 20 cm long and 3 cm thick. He then asks us to do some manipulations, to thin a side, to make a line at three-quarter, cut a piece, etc… Juan Carlos puts some classical music, the atmosphere is zen and studious …

At this point, we all wonder what we are doing and then, we realize that we are carving a hand ! Juan Carlos then explains to us how to create the fingers. And amazingly, it’s starting to look like something.



Following this, our mission is to choose the shape we wish to give to our hand. Hand closed, open, raised fist, thumbs up, hand sign, fingers crossed, etc. We can do what inspires us.

IMG_20180424_190806What’s funny is that out of the fifteen or so people we are, we all have a different hand shape in mind. Each of us refines his sculpture using our own hands but also a small wooden knife. Juan Carlos comes to support us to perfect the small details like the folds of the fingers which are not simple to do.

At the end of the workshop, we all proudly have in our possession our hand sculpture. We can keep it with us as a souvenir, or leave the clay in the workshop for reuse.

It was truly a fantastic experience to be able to learn how to carve with a master in the field who demonstrates a disconcerting ease and unequaled ability, and who is also very patient and pedagogue with us. A real joy !



To participate in a workshop with Juan Carlos Carrillo, contact Aurélie by email at or by phone +33(0)

Booking required, 8 persons minimum. From 150 €.



Juan Carlos Carrillo built 2 well known statues in Châlons :

  • The memorial to Jean Talon at the end of Godart Square
  • The statues of the “Four Seasons” in the Petit Jard