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Champagne Châlons Reims Basket (CCRB)

Champagne Châlons Reims Basket (CCRB)  is a basketball team created in 2010, it operates in the major french league, the “Pro A”.


Champagne-Châlons-Reims-Basket, created in July 2010, comes from the Union between ESPE Châlons-en-Champagne and Reims Champagne Basket, two historic clubs that have both experienced the highest level, but never successfully maintained their position permanently. The objective of this merger was therefore to unite the two main cities of the Champagne region and more generally, our whole territory around a large and ambitious sports project for a “regional metropolis”. An objective fully completed since the club has been well installed in Pro A since.

The values of CCRB



Share the emotion of sports

Attending a basketball game, is vibrating from the 1st to the last minute and live closer the intensity and emotion of elite sport. Rhythmic and spectacular sport, basketball is a wonderful show, even for those who discover it.


The CCRB in figures
  • 3 000 seats in both arenas (Coubertin in Châlons and René Tys in Reims).
  • 150 private partners.
  • Over 480 VIP at each of our post-game events.
  • A budget of 3.8 million euros for the 2017/18 season and 1.28 million euros of payroll
  • 3 teams enrolled in the French Youth Championships (U15, U18 and Prospects Pro A) and integrated in the Training Center of the CCRB.