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In 2010, the Tourism Office got interested in geocaching, a a sort of treasure hunt, without treasure, new generation. Indeed, to practice this hobby, a simple equipment is required such as a hiking navigator or a smartphone with an internet connection.


Geocaching is :
  • The discovery of original and historical sites or that are, in some ways interesting : A point of view, a wash tub, a little chapel lost in the middle of the woods but oh so cute… The caches are in the city as well as in the countryside.
  • A game, a hobby : some of the caches are simple and some others are multiple. For the multiple ones, you have to solve enigmas and sometimes different steps are needed to discover the cache. Once you almost reached your goal, ingenuity is needed to find the well hidden « treasure »…

To practice geocaching, connect yourself to the worldwide web site Geocaching.

Since 2014, the Châlons-en-Champagne Tourism Office and the association of geocaching of champagne work together … More than a hundred caches on all Châlons-en-Champagne’s agglomeration have been created.

Get out and explore places that are sure to delight you and surprise you. Your kids will also love it…


If you want to know more about geocaching, you can visit the Ultimate Guide to Geocaching created by Montem Outdoor Gear.