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Local Celebrities

Many local celebrities made history from the seventeenth century to nowadays. Whether they were inventors, militaries, politicians or comedians, they left an indelible mark on today’s world.
Come and meet these exceptional characters who tell you their story and follow their traces in Châlons-en-Champagne.



Cabu is a popular cartoonist, a famous media draftsman and a french comic books writer. He died tradgically in January 2015 during the shooting that happened in the headquarter of the newspaper offices he worked for « Charlie Hebdo ».

Jean Talon

Jean Talon (1625-1694) is a brave military officer. Prime minister of the « New France » from 1665 to 1671. He is considered one of the « Founding Fathers » of Quebec. He tells you his story.
Pierre Bayen Biographie

Pierre Bayen

Pierre Bayen is one of the pionner that discovered oxygen and one of the founders of modern chemistry. Discover his biography.

Nicolas Appert

Nicolas Appert (1749-1841) is the first to develop a food method storage by sterelizing using heat into sealed and sterile jars. He created in France the very first canned food factory of the world.

Adolphe Jacquesson

Adolphe Jacquesson (1800- 1876) invented the metalic cap and the wire muzzle in order to seal the bottle of champagne.
Léon Bourgeois Photo

Léon Bourgeois

Léon Bourgeois (1851- 1925) a french politician. He is known as solidarism theorist. He was the 1st president of the Nation Society and award winner of the Nobel prize of Peace in 1920.
Portrait d'Etienne Oehmichen

Etienne Oehmichen

Etienne Oehmichen (1884-1955) is a French ingeneer and biologist considered as one of the pioneer of the stoboscope, helicopter inventor and precursor of the biomechanics.
Portrait de Pierre Dac

Pierre Dac

Pierre Dac is a French comedian and humorist. He has also been during the 2nd WW a resistance figure against the French occupacy by the germans thanks to his intervention on Radio London.