SITAC organizes your urban bus trips in Châlons-en-Champagne and its surrounding area. The network is made up of eight lines serving the ten villages around Châlons-en-Champagne and five peri-urban lines serving the other 28 municipalities.

To enjoy a bus ride, it’s very easy as you have different options:
– Buy a single ticket from the bus driver
– Download the Sitac E-ticket application which allows you to buy one or more tickets (single ticket, modulo 12 trips or 24h ticket)
– Go to the SITAC agency located at Monseigneur Tissier square

The additional services offered by the SITAC:

– Flexo service:
The Flexo service, which runs from Châlons-en-Champagne train station or Monseigneur Tissier square, allows you to tell the driver which stop on the line you want to go to.

– ResaGo service
The ResaGO service allows you, by telephone reservation, to be picked up at a stop that would not be served without a reservation, and transported to a stop of your choice on the line concerned.

– TPMR service
In addition to the urban lines, people with reduced mobility are offered an adapted on-demand transport service available throughout Châlons Agglo.

To find out more about these 3 services: (french)

Schedules and line plans are available at the Tourist Office or on the Sitac website.

Marne Mobilité

Marne Mobilité is the public transport network of the Greater East Region that allows you to move around the Marne area.
Twelve regular daily lines provide year-round service to the main cities of Marne region.

Route 110: Sainte-Ménehould> Courtesols> Châlons.
Line 120: Mourmelon-le-Grand> Mourmelon-le-Petit> Bouy> Châlons.
Line 130: Suippes> Sainte-Étienne-au-Temple> Châlons.
Route 140: Saint-Amand-sur-Fion> La-Chaussee-sur-Marne> Châlons.
Line 145: Vitry-le-François> Songy> Châlons.
Route 150: Châlons> Suippes> Mourmelon-le-Grand> Mourmelon-le-Petit> Châlons.
Line 160: Fère-Champenoise> Avize> Épernay station.
Line 170: Sermaize> Vitry-le-François.
Route 210: Bétheniville> Pontfaverger> Reims.
Line 220: Cormicy> Reims.
Line 230: Auménancourt> Reims.
Line 240: Pommacle> Witry-lès-Reims> Reims

Find the details of schedules and prices at the Tourist Office, on the Marne Mobility website or at the STDM agency.

Taxi Sainte Croix

Being strong as a group ! 12 cabs : saloon, estate car and people carrier.
The group Taxis Sainte Croix is available for single and group transportation to the destination of your choice.

A call center is at your disposal 24h/24 and 7d/7 and offers the following transportation: taxi runs, transfers to train stations and airports, children transport and transport of professionalized seated patients.