Mess des Entrepreneurs – Salle Arnaud Beltrame

This building built in the 1950s, located a few hundred meters from downtown, has become the “Mess of the Entrepreneurs”. It brings together on nearly 3,000m2 all the forces of the economic development of the territory.

On the first floor, the magnificent Arnaud Beltrame reception room can accommodate up to 300 people (120 to 150 with tables and chairs).

Marne Mobilité

Marne Mobilité is the public transport network of the Greater East Region that allows you to move around the Marne area.
Twelve regular daily lines provide year-round service to the main cities of Marne region.

Route 110: Sainte-Ménehould> Courtesols> Châlons.
Line 120: Mourmelon-le-Grand> Mourmelon-le-Petit> Bouy> Châlons.
Line 130: Suippes> Sainte-Étienne-au-Temple> Châlons.
Route 140: Saint-Amand-sur-Fion> La-Chaussee-sur-Marne> Châlons.
Line 145: Vitry-le-François> Songy> Châlons.
Route 150: Châlons> Suippes> Mourmelon-le-Grand> Mourmelon-le-Petit> Châlons.
Line 160: Fère-Champenoise> Avize> Épernay station.
Line 170: Sermaize> Vitry-le-François.
Route 210: Bétheniville> Pontfaverger> Reims.
Line 220: Cormicy> Reims.
Line 230: Auménancourt> Reims.
Line 240: Pommacle> Witry-lès-Reims> Reims

Find the details of schedules and prices at the Tourist Office, on the Marne Mobility website or at the STDM agency.

Taxi Sainte Croix

Being strong as a group ! 12 cabs : saloon, estate car and people carrier.
The group Taxis Sainte Croix is available for single and group transportation to the destination of your choice.

A call center is at your disposal 24h/24 and 7d/7 and offers the following transportation: taxi runs, transfers to train stations and airports, children transport and transport of professionalized seated patients.