The Rallies

The rallies are observation games in the form of books with questions to give a fun tone to the discovery of the must-see in Châlons-en-Champagne.

1h to 1h30 needed to complete the booklet. Choice between two themes:


Rally of the Jards (7-13 yo)

This rally is made to discover the three gardens of Châlons-en-Champagne and the elements composing them: the Petit Jard, the Grand Jard and the Jard Anglais as well as the permanent circus, one of seven left in France.


Heritage Rally (7-10 and 10-13 yo)

This rally is made to discover the elements of the architectural heritage of the city: the Town Hall, Cordeliers Street, the Market Castle, Republic Square, Notre-Dame-en-Vaux, the Covered Market, etc.

For each of these booklets, once the rally is completed, the children can finish the games and coloring during lunch break or at home.



Boat Tour Eau’dyssée

Original and exclusive, come and discover the Eau’dyssée. Water is everywhere, running through the city and the greenery, disappearing under the streets and the squares: the Marne, the Mau and the Nau, the Channel intertwine in a joyful disorder.

It is at the foot of the Tourist Office that you embark for a journey of about 40 minutes, where nature and heritage will mingle with happiness. The pilot will be your guide.

During this boat trip, you will cross the little garden, a veritable green setting and admire the Sainte-Marie convent, the Notre-Dame-en-Vaux church, from an unusual angle. You will also discover many bridges, the oldest of which dates back to 1560, and you will be amazed by the Metamorph’eau’ses show of shadows and lights in the underground galleries.


Forfait Enfants

Cette journée est destinée aux groupes d’enfants (scolaires, associations, centres aérés, etc…) souhaitant découvrir Châlons-en-Champagne de manière ludique. Les visites et commentaires sont adaptées au jeune public afin de les captiver et de les enchanter.


Au programme :
  • Balade en petit train touristique
  • Visite du Centre National des Arts du Cirque et de son cirque, l’un des sept derniers cirques en dur de France
  • Repas tiré du sac au Grand Jard
  • Rallye du patrimoine ou des jards
  • Balade en Barques

Une journée haute en couleurs !

petit-train-touristique-chalons © Christophe Manquillet

Touristic Train

Take a journey around the city and enjoy the view from the touristic train.

In 40 minutes, we’ll take you to Châlons-en-Champagne’s finest attractions to discover the city, the most beautiful streets, its historic houses and its magnificent buildings built in the 18th and 19th centuries such as the  Hôtel de Région, the  Hôtel de la Prefecture, the Porte Sainte-Croix, the Market Hall.

A commentary adapted to children is offered for school groups.

This tour is a good addition to the boat tour Eau’dyssée as they take you to very different parts of the  city.